January 25, 2022

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Resorts World’s street food recipes traveled from SE Asia to Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS – What is it consider to convey authentic street foods 9,000 miles from hawker stalls in Southeast Asia to a new vacation resort on The Strip?

A kitchen with a laptop, webcam and chefs eager to find out. 

That’s what is occurring at the rear of the scenes at Resorts Planet Las Vegas, where the hotel-on line casino is preparing to launch Famous Avenue Eats — a 24,000-square-foot food items market filled with dishes from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and beyond.

In a video lesson, Famous Foods Street Eats Executive Chef Kevin Hee and assistant chef Angela Ng practiced flipping dough to make authentic Roti Canai from Singapore hawker Springleaf Prata.

In normal times, hawkers would have boarded a airplane in Southeast Asia and flown here to instruct Vegas chefs the strategies to perfecting the dishes.

COVID-19 produced that type of journey unachievable, but the resort opening on June 24 employed the electric power of technological know-how to transfer all that culinary know-how to the Nevada desert.

Here’s how Resorts World found the dishes abroad and transported them right here.