January 25, 2022

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Common Issues with Ordering Custom Cakes – and How to Avoid Them

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A custom cake in Singapore is the perfect way to add that personal touch to your next event. It can be a great way to celebrate your wedding or baby shower, or even just a fun activity for family and friends at a birthday party.

However, many people find it difficult when trying to order their cakes from bakeries because they don’t know how much of what ingredients they’ll need ahead of time, so they end up wasting money by ordering too much or too little.

Here are some tips on how you can avoid this common problem with ordering custom cakes in Singapore:

1. Not enough cake.

You can avoid the mistake of not ordering enough cake by getting advice from delivery experts. Let them know how many guests are expected at your party and they will recommend an amount that is appropriate for their estimate on delivering it all in one go, instead of separately as needed when there’s less than 2 hours before dinner begins with only leftover slices available.

Bakers who are into customised cakes know how to carefully make estimates as to how much cake is needed to accommodate their client’s guests. With their recommendations, you don’t have to worry about not having enough cake for all of your guests to enjoy.

2. Insisting on a rush order.

Customised cakes are not created overnight. Some of them even take days to prepare depending on the design and other details specified by the client.

If you need to order a custom cake, bakers require at least 72-48 hours of lead time before they can make your special event happen. For tier or wedding cakes 30 days’ worth should be given so there’s plenty of time for planning!

3. Giving the wrong address.

If you are having your cake delivered, the last thing that should happen is for it to get delayed because someone provided them with an incorrect address. To avoid this, make sure your information (such as apartment numbers) Is correct before placing orders.

Cake delivery can be tricky at times- even a small mistake in locating the right location will delay fulfilment of this service! Be clear about where they are dropping off their cakes and what time frame is needed for them to arrive there so as not to have any extra work on hand if possible – say 3 hours out from pick up/arrival date.

4. Not looking at the cake installation requirements.

You may think that placing a cake is an easy task, but it can get intimidating when you’re doing it on your own.

For bigger cakes, the placement or installation becomes an intimidating task. Hence it is always better to ask for help from professionals who know how best to place your cake at its final location with quality techniques in mind. This will minimise any unwanted situations that may ruin this beautiful work of art you have envisioned.

5. Not asking the important questions.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask the experts for help! Aside from master bakers, there are cake consultants who can answer your questions and provide you with tips on how to order a customised cake.